Friday, February 1, 2013

Leo Horoscope May 2013

You'll undergo an unpleasant period for your relationships with collaborators, bosses or authorities. The conflicts that will occur now could affect your image or position. It's not the right time to test your strength and you should ignore your pride and let others take the lead for a while.

 Retrograde Mercury in the house of career is not favorable to new decisions and initiatives, but doesn't dislike retaking some older projects. The energy that the Jupiter-Venus conjunction will pour into the house of couples will be very strong, but without measure, balance and reason, especially since a dissonant aspect with the Sun, the ruler of your sign, will interfere.

 You'll tend to exaggerate and amplify everything related to relationships, regarding the expression of both affection and discontents. You might be wrong in your appreciations... Pride and stubbornness doesn't do you any good.